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Wills and young children

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Simple Wills | 0 comments

There are many different issues for people to consider with regard to creating an estate plan. For example, those who have young children often have a lot of questions and are unsure about various facets of the estate planning process. From identifying the right type of estate plan to distributing assets, naming an executor and appointing guardians, there are multiple issues to take into consideration. 

If you are the parent of a young child, it is critical to think about their future and also prepare for unexpected circumstances. 

The importance of an estate plan 

Often, those with young children are relatively young themselves, at least when it comes to preparing for end of life issues. Some parents do not realize the importance of preparing for accidents and health crises that arise without warning. Sadly, some parents pass away suddenly and children benefit when their parents have estate plans in place that address guardianship and other critical matters. Without an estate plan in place, some children are taken care of by a court-appointed guardian, which is not always ideal. 

Financial considerations 

Aside from guardianship, parents also need to think about their assets and their child’s future when creating an estate plan. From distributing assets between siblings to determining which type of estate plan offers the most financial benefits, there are many different factors to go over. Fortunately, estate plans offer peace of mind for parents who are worried about what will happen their assets down the road. 

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