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Reducing your risks of power of attorney abuse

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Power Of Attorney | 0 comments

The reassurance of having someone you trust to help make important decisions on your behalf following your incapacitation can relieve a lot of pressure as you age. However, there is no guarantee that whomever you select as your power of attorney will perform with integrity and respect to your wishes.

Reducing the risks of power of attorney abuse can help you to feel even more confident about your future, your financial security and your well-being.

The power of language

The words you use to describe anything can have a lot of power in regards to how other people understand and implement what you said. According to Forbes, the type of language you use and the organization of the content in your power of attorney can influence the range of control someone can have.

For example, the way you choose to organize what you say could leave flexibility for your power of attorney to manipulate ownership of your bank accounts. They could also find ways to change who you listed as beneficiaries. While you may believe that the person you have chosen would never consider doing something like that, paying close attention to your content and its organization could help you maintain optimal control over your estate.

The benefit of accuracy

Determining the power of attorney and deciding which decisions to turn over to another person are tasks that require careful consideration and thorough assessment. You can reduce the chances of abuse by your power of attorney when you communicate your end-of-life wishes to your family. Revisit your desires periodically for reiteration. As an added measure of protection, you may select co-agents to assist the primary power of attorney in facilitating important decisions on your behalf and to eliminate opportunities for abuse.