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What are signs that someone is driving drunk?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

You have probably heard about the devastating injuries people suffer after a collision with a drunk driver. Given how dangerous inebriated motorists are, you want to be on the lookout for drunk drivers before one of them hits you. While it may not always be possible, you still might spot a DUI motorist if you know what to look for.

As Johns Hopkins Medicine explains, drunk drivers may give off different signs that they have too much alcohol content to drive safely. Here is a rundown of some of the more common signs that you might be approaching a DUI driver.

Erratic driving

When you drive, you know to keep in the center of your lane. So if you spot a driver who is shifting out of a lane, weaving in and out of the lane, or driving on the center line of the road, you may have someone who is under the influence and is not paying attention to where he or she should be driving.

Speeding problems

Ingesting too much alcohol can remove behavioral inhibitions that restrain a person from acting rashly. So instead of complying with the speed limit, a DUI driver may accelerate past what the limit allows. This might not always be the case, though. Some drunk drivers are too cautious and drive at a very slow speed or even stop in the middle of the road.

Failing to use automobile features

Drunk drivers may neglect common-sense actions when it comes to their vehicles. If the weather is cold, they may keep a window down anyway. If they drive at night, they may not turn on their headlights. If their brake lights are out, they might fail to repair them. You may also notice a DUI driver neglects to switch on a turn signal while turning.

Driving in the wrong places

DUI drivers may not realize where they are driving. Consequently, they can end up in places where they should not be. You may spot a car traveling on the wrong side of the road. Perhaps a vehicle is no longer on a road at all but has swerved onto rocky land not suited for automobiles. These vehicles are driving unpredictably and could swerve into another driver’s path.