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Is eating and driving dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

There are a multitude of ways to drive distracted, and many involve cell phones or other technology. However, it may surprise you to learn that eating while driving is extremely dangerous and very common. 

The majority of Americans have likely snuck a bite behind the wheel at some point. The statistics here may shock you. Decide to Drive points out that if you eat while driving, your likelihood of crashing or merely missing a crash almost doubles. 

What foods are most likely to cause accidents?

It is true that certain types of foods tend to appear at crash sites more often than others. Some foods frequently found at crashes involve soups, hamburgers, jelly-filled donuts, tacos and coffee.  

However, there is really nothing specific about these foods that make them more dangerous than others. It is likely that these foods appear more often at crash sites because they are easy to get at fast food drive-thrus. It is really not any safer to eat a rack of lamb behind the wheel.  

What can I do to stop eating and driving?

A lot of Americans end up snacking (or eating entire meals) in their cars due to a lack of time. If you usually eat your breakfast behind the wheel in rush hour traffic, setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier will allow you to eat at home.  

If you are on a road trip, consider packing a picnic lunch. Alternatively, stop at some local sit down restaurants along your way and consider it part of the trip. This will prevent you from eating greasy fast food in your car and will help make your journey a lot safer.