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How can you help your teen avoid driving while distracted?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

In 2020, around 3,000 people died in accidents involving distracted drivers. On the road, you expect others to give their full attention to the road. Unfortunately, too many drivers choose to split their attention when behind the wheel. If you have teen drivers, they may have a higher likelihood of driving while distracted.

Distracted driving includes all activities that divert the driver’s attention from the road.

Become the example you want to see in your children

Kids learn through example. If your kid sees you texting while driving or fiddling with the radio, they may think that if you do it, they can do it too. Show your kids what you expect them to do behind the wheel. Keep your hands off your phone and your eyes on the road.

There are three categories of distractions while driving, manual, visual and cognitive. When you take your eyes off the road while reading a text, it can be similar to driving blind for the length of a football field.

Discuss the dangers of distracted driving with your children

Explain to your kids what could happen when driving while distracted. Let them know it can increase their risk of a severe crash. When giving your teens the tools not to drive distracted, remind them to advocate for their safety too. Encourage them to speak up if their friends drive while distracted.

All drivers have a responsibility to protect the safety of other drivers on the road. Teaching your kids to be wary of distractions can protect their lives and those they share the road with.