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Protecting yourself from serious injury in a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

Car accidents can happen to anyone even when you have done everything right. You cannot control the actions of other motorists and you might encounter someone negligent who is unable to control their vehicle.

Despite the unknowns, there are preventative steps you can take to minimize your risk of suffering a serious injury in an accident. Your caution could end up saving your life.

Always wear a seatbelt

Your seatbelt can substantially lower the possibility of ejection in a collision. Designed to hold you in place, wearing a seatbelt might also prevent contact with airbags, your dashboard and steering column, your windshield and other surfaces that could cause grave injury.

Position your headrest

Another consideration is the placement of your headrest. Your head should rest evenly on the headrest. Both the top of your head and the top of the headrest should remain level with each other. A properly adjusted headrest may prevent severe whiplash which can cause substantial injury and pain.

Follow traffic laws

Deaths from car accidents happen every day in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traffic fatalities exceeded 40,000 in 2020 which averages 110 deaths a day. Your diligence in following traffic laws will give you more control of your vehicle, especially if you encounter a sudden hazard. Be mindful of the speed limit. Do not follow other vehicles too closely. Avoid distractions and frequently scan the area around your vehicle.

Even if you do end up in a car accident, the precautions you take daily could make a tremendous difference in your condition after the collision.